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Apex Valves

Trough Valves Our range of float valves offering both fixed arm and armless options, covers the full range of float valve requirements.

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New Ideas

We are open to new ideas and manufacturers of animal health products


Bock's Id

Bock's Id Better engineered products for livestock identification.

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AgVet Associates

Manufacturer's Representative Agricultural Animal Health Industry

Well Known Agricultural Supply Manufactures

Manufacturer's Representatives.

AgVet Associates is a Manufacturer's Representative organization serving the Animal Health Industry supplying agricultural and
veterinary supplies. For decades we have worked with and represented some of the most well-known and innovative product
lines in the marketplace.

Our knowledge and experience with the distributor network and agricultural market spectrum ensures that your product gets the best possible exposure.


Companies we represent!


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"Apex Valves" Filta Mate, Pressure control valves to suit both high pressure and low pressure hot water installations

"Bocks Identi Co" Highly visible, identification products.

Bock's Identi Co

Bock’s Identification Co manufactures innovative, highly visible,
identification products sold throughout the United States.

The colorful, economical leg bands offer flexibility in herd identification.

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Apex Farm and Commercial


  • Easily adjusted using the patented Uni-Ball Joint.
  • Uni-Ball adjusts to any water tank roof angle.
  • Suitable for all tanks.
  • Manufactured from UV resistant premium quality materials.

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    AgVetAssociates (AgVet)

    AgVet was established in 2001 as a manufacturer’s representative organization in the animal
    health industry. Initial focus was on the production livestock segment of that industry, selling
    to distributors on behalf of our clients throughout the United States.

    Presently, the company is owned by two partners, Bob Walber and Susan Kennedy. AgVet
    divides the country into seven regions, each covered by sales staff with extensive experience
    in the animal health industry.

    AgVet’s recent appointment as Master Distributor to Apex Valves of New Zealand opens the
    way for distribution opportunities through AgVet itself.